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Quote of the Day
thought about it, the more I’ve realized that striving to be just a
shining city on a hill like Reagan said is aiming too low. I don’t
want people to walk by the United States and just say, “Ooh!  Look!
Shiny!” People have fought and died for our country and our liberty,
and they’ve worked harder than anyone else in the world for this
prosperity we share. Thus a cute little shiny city on some dinky hill
isn’t good enough. Instead, America should be a blazing inferno on a
mountain. The sheer brilliance of America’s awesomeness should cause
foreigners to scream in pain if they dare try to gaze upon
it. Children should have to poke holes in shoe boxes to even glimpse
it. We shouldn’t even have to worry about dinky terrorists, as the
mere sight of America should melt their faces as if they were the
Nazis from the Indiana Jones movies looking into the Ark of the
Covenant. That’s how great America should be. At minimum.
     -- How to Fix Everything in America Forever, Frank Fleming

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